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last night to big to be to chp officer kenyan young strong. >>> a un brought obama to be the next president of the united states. >>> with all when several breaking news stories. >>> first got to and did discuss and video into our newsroom. but to 45 this morning there was a fatal shooting on city streets at a color. the tried to keep people away from this crime scene. the of this about the street in the area as well as a marker of the gold card offer into east than 580. we just heard from chp that the door to close at off live for another 45 minutes or so. let us that there's a pretty bad big accident. they had to completely shut down the freeway. the stuff some lanes of highway 17 remain shut down. there were able to reopen the north atlantic of hours ago. the southbound lanes remain close. we just understand a man was rescued who was stuck between two cinderblock walls. this was at the orchard supply. will have more details in a minute. there may be street closures around capitol expressway. just east of one a one. >>> a stretch of highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains expecte
the three swing states considered crucial for his chances and be president obama. >>> romney stood in the polls come after a secretly taped video recording of have making controversial comments at a fund-raiser. and it's also 48 days away from the election. latest poll shows president obama has a leading colorado. this is a change it on from august 1st running at a five point lead. president obama extended his lead in virginia and wisconsin. this after that secret recording of raw meat speaking at a campaign fund raiser. >>> there is a 47% or with them depend on him. >>> romney claimed half of americans think they're the victims the title for government support. he still believes that his comments that he represents his view that governments need to be smaller. he won on fox news yesterday not to apologize but to clarify. >>> that are a number of retirees and members of the military who aren't paying taxes and that's as it should be. but i do believe that we should have enough jobs anti of take-home pay so that people have the privilege of higher incomes that allowed them to be pay
national convention unofficially kicks up to date to in uptown charlotte. >>> president obama continues his march toward charlotte. with a campaign stop a member of the republican ticket will reach north carolina fires. vice- president john kenneth bit padded bras and campaigns in greenville today and will come armed with one question. are you better off today the work for years ago? democrats city let's not forget just how things were four years ago. >>> in the quarter before the president took office last million jobs created our country was bleeding. our financial system was on the verge of collapse >>> president obama's el cid republicans fell to offer solutions at their convention last week. >>> it was a week of posole attacks and the platitudes and a month and were left with was that line was a virtue. >>> level and federal police city are prepared to keep everyone safe. >>> a massive police presence as many purely unconcerned about potential violence it is and all put this in politics. >>> is a lot of room for and things happening. >>> the republicans are planning what they're callin
. the energy was incredible. president obama really did capture the excitement of four years ago. >>> the club was on their feet as president obama's took the stage to make it official. >>> accept your nomination for president of the other states. >>> this election isn't just about him. he says it's a choice. >>> out in every issue the choice you face will be just between to can afford to parties it will be the choice between two different as for america. >>> the president says the republicans have only one half. you have a surplus. try a tax cut. deficit to hide try another. the local come on to pitch to tax cuts roebucks the regulations and, as in the morning. >>> a sign of madness tend and general motors is alive >>> he never lets up the energy and momentum of his last three days will carry forward that the conventions are over in the fall campaign begins. so the president says that this election is still about how. >>> if you share that hope with me ask you tonight for your vote could >>> vice-president says americans never lost he never quit on america and you deserve a president who will
, head of one on the convention floor on their feet. >>> some had tears in their eyes as mrs. obama spoke passionately about her husband. >>> i've seen firsthand that the president doesn't change to you are. the lease deals to you or. >>> she says this president is a man whose upbringing in family brought values means to look out for all americans. >>> that's what he cut taxes for working families and small businesses and fought to get the auto industry back on its feet. >>> of the first lady stood mostly away from politics keynote speaker at the pool yet castro dove right in. he got the fron hotel fire out. >>> four years ago america stood on the brink of a depression despite an incredible odds. and united republican opposition are president of action. now we have seen 4.5 million new jobs. >>> tonight president know, and will be the start. he's expected to share how he got the economy going. and what he believes president obama can do it as well. >>> when he left office the academy was in a far better condition than when he took office. >>> also today in a row, vote will officially nomi
of the question of this election. >>> republicans pouncing that the proof that president obama's policies are working. since then the democrats have regrouped and come out swinging. >>> democrats hope to get back on message when san antonio mayor and first city showboat address delegates here tonight. the first lady gavin of close look at the podium during her walk through monday. while her husband's favorite ability bring stefan during his first term mrs. obama remains a popular. >>> i think she has been an ambassador for her husband. i see them as a team. >>> a man kicked off content coverage of the convention with his address. >>> mean the of the republican have been set up what we been caught by a war room. the going to press coverage is all week trying to counter what here at the convention. >>> can you tell us to else on the agenda today? >>> again that the confirmation of that on and what is not going to be here. we have some of jordan did speaking tonight. he's going to be addressing mitt romney tax returns. former president jimmy carter is going to appear by video. >>> what is th
of the punishment that president obama that bounced from last week's democratic national convention. the list and then put has a pleasantly mitt romney 5246%. that is a gain of four percentage points for the president since the previous plant reaches all the had the chicago school board says there could be a deal to date to in the city's teachers is the second a lot that the codes largest school district of the nation. key issues are jobs security and teacher evaluation. >>> as the the just released at wisconsin plumas of the shooting rampage at killed six members of a sikh temple. officers who forced the at the scene said the issue to send out a final round after round toward him. police said he shot and killed himself as officers). >>> thousands possibly millions of websites all post by godet a doubt, suffered a potentially class is costly average on monday. in august after posted responsibility. j.c. penney is cream back free haircuts for kids. the struggling to put a store chain will be offered how did not every sunday starting november the fourth. if your kids ahead at the beautifully on
president obama's with his largest since early july in his reelection bid. the 70 rolling average showing the president has a 49 to 40% over mitt romney. the public policy: survey shows that the president has expanded his lead in ohio to five percentage points. >>> campaigning in florida sunday can't president obama stops at the gap he said in corpus and ended up getting more than justified. >>> he is a cut in key battleground state. >>> he's president obama spent the past two days to try to drive home his point that mitt romney economic plan is short on details that will hurt the middle class. >>> the call and answer questions about how they pay for five trillion dollars in tax cuts and two trillion dollars in new defense spending. romney most of which group also close for this tax cut. >>> contract with the democrats are saying i'm not going to increase the tax wouldn't on incoming families. >>> an addition to the race for voters as the race for cash. the campaigns move full speed ahead in august. >>> the present is $140 million last month had for the first time in three months and the
for a private fund- raising event at the strawberry hill estate. he will campaign in nevada what president obama but holds a rally in virginia. the floral romney spoke to senior citizens about medicare. the president spoke about how he stood alone as intuition. >>> you can't change washington from the inside. you can only change from the outside from the kremlin responded to that comment. >>> he said he can't change washington from the inside he can only change from the outside world again that chance in november. >>> romney was out what is the else and had a president in the month of august good president obama entered the final three minutes of the campaign with roughly $86 million of these men. romney with $67 million and spent the same as those $50 million on the campaign. >>> that bill is reporting massive outages in europe and the middle east and africa purely the company said in a is a cogent and trying to fix those travels put it also our judges to call several hours. it is not appear to be affecting the last pit the phone officially goes on so in just about flowers. >>> i'm here and uni
he spent auditing from companies that sent our jobs to try. >>> the latest poll shows president obama leaving in the buckeye state. the a's had a big yesterday in texas. >>> it took him years but he's finally play football for real. a former felon roughly committed of a crime,, i'm so glad you called. thank you. we're not in london, are we? no. why? apparently my debit card is. what? i know. don't worry, we have cancelled your old card. great. thank you. in addition to us monitoring your accounts for unusual activity, you could also set up free account alerts. okay. [ female announcer ] at wells fargo we're working around the clock to help protect your money and financial information. here's your temporary card. welcome back. how was london? [ female announcer ] wells fargo. together we'll go far. '40's and 50's >>> click on the bid list as well through milpitas. what a closer look at this update covering up. >>> a store clerk reported use what he had to and to protect his business. of a man tried to rob the store in florida and the suspect pulled the employees shirt over his head in
the u.s. consulate in that country. >>> we had to have your mission this morning was that obama has been ordered or less since the resources to support security in libya. it credited to estimate the arm and the ambassador to the had been ill and had ties. he was born in northern california and pulled up in piedmont. his undergraduate degree came to berkeley and went to moscow at uc hastings college in 1989. it happened tuesday. gunman charged consulate as of 5 to the building. protesters were and go over from the road to the slums profit the fund was promoted by an american. >>> and make all of people angry. because we will >>> the turned on the american flag and replace it with an american ba >>> obama just came up with in a statement strongly condemning these attacks >>> is still unclear whether there could killed as part of an attack in the city. you do the and that's the closely question much as a heat i did he was the key to the academy he was a fraternity brother of mine. he was acquitted by a guy and very intelligent. we're talking about quist and all the wonderful things that he
for the white house president obama and mitt romney back on a prime-time television production and appeared on cbs's 60 minutes last night. romney responded to criticism that he's been too vague about his plans for the country. >>> if you want to work together with people across the aisle you let your principles and policies and you worked with together with them. you do not hand them a complete document in st. here take this lead. >>> as for economic plan is the president has revealed that this simply won't work. >>> he seems only have one of and that the tax cuts for the wealthy and rolling back regulations as a respite for. >>> the controversy over mommy's taxes are the target of a campaign ad. >>> instead of attacking others aren't others romney should come clean on his. >>> as like that destroyed his positions and a big reason he's trailing in polls. the 2012 presidential election is still weeks away with some pundits are already speculating on who will run in 2016. secretary of state a recount and has not ruled out a hunt and her husband is making it clear he would support her she is
's an ohio that hold canada campaigning today. president obama's spoke at the united nations and both candid spoke separately of the clinton global initiative in the work. >>> a nuclear arms for ron is not a challenge shechem be contained. it would threaten the elimination of israel the security of both nations and the stability of the global economy. >>> a lot of americans including myself are troubled by developments in the middle east. syria has witnessed the killing of tens of thousands of people the president of egypt is a member of the muslim brotherhood. our ambassador to libya was assassinated in a terrorist attack. >>> both candidates are expected to focus on the hot-button issue among voters the state of the economy. >>> running president is said to address the u.n. assembly today. on watt and this have been in the assembly all week long. >>> americans have repeatedly said that a dealer rally in government must change. changes behavior. sure but after all the what does that mean? him one country based on their own solo opinion the side and establish a road on for another country an
. president obama's said he was with not consider egypt and allied but we don't consider them an enemy. the white house is working to set up security around u.s. position from around the globe. the investigators are considering the possibility stephen's death was part of a coordinated terrorist attack. >>> suddenly this was more than just a protest on bad weather another was a premeditated all cut attack is still yet to be a deterrent riches of investigators are trying to decide whether this is a planned attack. the u.s. is moving warships towards 11 coast to attract a group of traders with surveillance drones. you'll hear how mitt romney and president obama are trading tough words over this incident. >>> u.s. officials confirm ambassador chris stevens and his final moments tried to sit on staffers. those who knew the man said that was a kind of month man he was. >>> and we wish now more than ever to work for a world war peace rather than tear can be an international concept. our thoughts and prayers are with rubber stephens family and friends. we wish brother stephen c. up most love a
society? >>> president obama's campaign promptly issued a statement saying it's hard to say airbus president for all americans when you disdainfully runoff half the nation. president obama's at himself dealt with a similar situation during his first campaign. >>> we've been asking at what's your reaction to run these victims comments >>> he brought in that he is clearly out of touch with more than 47 percent of the nation. all he cares about are his political cronies and the wealthy. >>> why should he apologized so many americans believe they're the victims and the voter assistance. >>> you can also find the entire recording from the magazine on cbs last half website. >>> a firefighter is heard this morning. he was caught while battling a restaurant but in san leandro. >>> i'm here to to keep the growth in san leandro a fire with through the restaurant or want to at 8:00 a.m.. it took 33 personnel about a half hour to a block down the far. a modest cut in the dumpster in the background one firefighter was the pretty badly and this is what battalion chief had to say. >>> we have one
alternative know where were reported dead. >>> president obama set to speak in new york just a couple of hours before the united nations general assembly. his east to discuss everything for the civil war institute there was unclear activities and to the vat tax and libya and egypt. >>> romney accused the president of minimizing recent events in the middle east. >>> i was pretty certain that there are to be bumps in the road. >>> we need an administration that is up to shape events in the middle east in not seeing them as props and the road. >>> what house spokesperson is of such common stock split and offensive. the president was referring to middle east and west in general. he's already creating controversy during and then yesterday after he accused the unit last of the shielding israeli government. he also said the u.s. miss use the freedom of speech at around the production of the entire muslim video. >>> one involves the california proposition 8 the voters approved a measure that limits marriage to the field knuckles. the animals in your woman who sued seven federal law treats the same-sex
was upset about the criticism of president obama's criticism rich a soil were thinking about >>> he the are you criticizing lived at? >>> romney supporters of gun the protesters out a chance of usa usa. >>> the metal to be responsible for the entire muslim movie is hiding out in southern california. the government sources say 55 you're on the is the man behind the film. he is a convicted felon who is on probation for financial crimes in. he is sticking up the house where he is believed to lived on the southern california. no one has come to the door could >>> many members of the church here are currently in the bigger for a convention in pleasanton. in churches and worshipers led the nuggets in the movie and people with anti islamic views. it is no audit behind it hit the is the truth behind it. none of that move has a result of this of my belief that i speak for my church as well. >>> the r eight charges in the pit with a total of about 83000 members. >>> this call with the student is outside right now ahead. and to desist degrees outside hong good morning to much in the mid- 50s a
obama launch a formal trade complaint against china. the administration says the chinese government is abusing international trade laws by imposing more than $3 billion in duties on u.s. exports of cars and auto parts. the president is expected to formally announce the move to date at a campaign stop in ohio. republican pat challenge to mitt romney plans to court hispanic voters today. instead to speak spanish chamber of commerce and lots angeles split into an interview with the spanish-language networks telemundo. he also has fund- raising event in utah texas and florida which is no this new world will soon serve alcohol for the 51st time. but officials say beer and on and will be on the menu at a french restaurant. lines and this will complement the french cuisine inside. how hard it is served at some of this this sector. this is a force for disney won't and the restaurant opens in mid november. >>> and left for the latest and is in giants. could the fanaticism if this for the bay area. >>> ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [ chirps ] ♪ [ chirping ] [ chirping ] ♪ [ chirping ] ♪ [ male annou
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